A Blueprint for Bringing Your Brand to Life Online

Create every single online element of your brand: from your eye-popping visual identity to choosing the perfect hosting plan, to launching your website and massively driving your online sales!

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Why Take Our Blueprint

  • Optimize the visual elements of your website to guarantee purchase decisions.
  • Master the power of color and font psychology to unprecedentedly increase sales and drive 1000s of conversions.
  • Get the expert secrets involved in developing the perfect brand logo.
  • See the industry-approved processes to protect your brand’s name, saving you tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Launch your website, then choose a hosting plan and content management system that provides the best user experience on the internet.
  • Industry-approved, proven tactics that ensures your very first online sale 100% of the time.
  • Quickly develop invaluable loyalty programs and fuel 80% of your future revenue.
  • Engage with a fun, hands-on Blueprint to learn the approaches of celebrated brands while getting inspiration for your own.


Each with in-depth exercises, knowledge-check questions and practical steps that you can follow.


With expert insights, including a guide to multiple software platforms that will help you bring your brand to life online.

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What You’ll Know After This Blueprint

  • How to strategically take the creative elements of your brand and position them on your website, hugely driving sales and increasing your conversions by up to 106%.
  • Skills and knowledge that the top 1% of web designers in the world use to create branded websites every day.
  • Laser-focused, expert-level marketing methods to guarantee you the thrill of your very first online sale.
  • How the most famous and successful brands exploit color and typography psychology to hook their target markets—and how you can do the same.
  • Choose the optimum hosting plans and content management systems for your brand — whether it’s a lead generation that hooks thousands of customers while you sleep, an ecommerce store that drives thousands of sales, or easily attracting and obtaining the top-paying clientele.
  • How to design the logo that stands the test of time and becomes a global icon.
  • Guarantee long-lasting brand loyalty through instantly effective loyalty programs, which will constitute 80% of your future revenue.

How good Branding can make your Business

Marketers looking to make an impact

At all levels of marketing, branding is absolutely vital to success.  Whether you’re working in the B2B or B2C sector, all consumers want one thing: to connect with the brands they purchase from. Of course, every industry and every consumer is different, so this Blueprint will show you how to create a branded website that your target audience will buy from, every time.

Blending the ground-breaking psychology of choosing your visual elements (brand colors, fonts, and logos), with the unprecedented power of an effective CMS, your brand’s website will be optimized for the perfect, ready-to-buy customer.

Create hugely effective marketing programs that resonate deeply with your target audience, massively increase engagement, sales and ultimately profits. You will develop the skills that put you in the top 1% of branding marketers worldwide, and become a hotly sought-after asset for any business.

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Business Owners who want more

Whether you’re a start-up seeking exponential growth, or you’re already running an established business, you will have the tried and tested steps to building your business’s website in a way that truly resonates with every single one of your current customers, and drives them straight to purchase.

Strategically creating branded website for your business not only helps you steal prospective customers from your competitors, it also offers a huge number of benefits to your target audience, inspiring them to return to you, and ultimately buy from you, again and again and again.

Individuals making their mark

You need to understand how to stick out in the minds of consumers, particularly the consumers that are going to buy from you, or your competitors.

Whether you’re attracting higher paying clients, creating an amazing lead generator, or running a successful ecommerce store, this Blueprint will show the expertly devised, step-by-step processes to guaranteeing they choose you over your competitors time and again.

From every visual element of your website, to choosing the ideal CMS and hosting plan, to developing and creating incentives that really work to drive first 100s of sales and ensure brand loyalty. You will strategically build the optimum branded website, making you a valuable member of any company and significantly boosting your career’s potential.

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How this Blueprint will help your Business Grow

Design the Website that Skyrockets Revenue

Sales, profit margins, ROI. It’s how businesses run, and as marketers we know that at the end of the day we’re all here to make that sale.

Real, human people want to buy from brands that they connect with. But different people respond to different websites in different ways. Learn how to purposefully create and launch your brand’s website online to guarantee customer engagement, and ensure that your target audience will come back and buy from you again and again.


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Create a Brand That Consumers Adore

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Apple. Think about how these brands have become ingrained in our culture, how they’re known all over the world. It wasn’t by luck. It was through strategic brand management.

Every successful brand has found their unique place in the market, and uses specific approaches to create their brand based on the consumer. This Blueprint will teach you how to tap into consumer desires to create a brand that they adore, quadrupling your brand equity and making you a globally recognized, reputable company.

Reap the Long-Term Benefits of Strategic Branding

Creating a brand means that you are investing in consumers’ perception of your product, service, experience, or organization.

Branding is a beautiful blend of consumer psychology and your creativity, but there’s a method to the madness.

Get the proven methodologies of strategic branding so that you can guarantee the very best results in your campaigns, and reap the benefits of industry-leading, effective branding for years to come.

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