Advanced SEO – From Indexation to Data Handling

You need the competitive edge needed to smash the highly competitive world of SEO. You need to grasp every opportunity to improve if you are to truly optimize your site. This is the Blueprint that is giving you that opportunity, and will provide you with that competitive edge.

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Why Take Our Blueprint?

  • Develop a deep understanding of the SEO tools that can ensure your site shows itself off to be the best piece of online real estate it can be.
  • Ensure only your best, most SEO friendly pages are recognised by search engines, so that your site is streamlined down to the very best quality.
  • Master the art of directing crawlers in the most optimal way possible so that they rank your site in that number one spot.
  • Understand exactly why tracking data is so important to your constant improvement, and how you need to apply that data to your strategies.
  • Become adept at perfecting SEO strategies based on real-time changes to your site, to constantly stay one step ahead of your rivals.


Each with knowledge check questions and practical steps to follow


Including step-by-step guides on creating sitemaps and installing canonical tags.

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What You’ll Know After This Blueprint

  • Implement advanced SEO tools that allow for the efficient and optimized crawling of your site.
  • Point search engines to the best quality on your site, to make you a trusted authority in your niche and draw the most traffic.
  • Interpret patterns and trends in SEO data, analysing them to constantly perfect your campaigns and anticipate future opportunities to rank well.
  • Identify where your campaigns are failing and easily address these issues to fully-optimize and stay top-quality.
  • Gain the unfair advantage of having the opportunity to collaborate with full-time, experienced digital marketers.
  • Upskill by gaining the knowledge that will allow you to lead any SEO campaign to it’s highest potential.

And much more…

Marketers ready to upskill

Those with highly honed SEO skills are highly sought after in virtually any industry. With these under your belt, you’ll be able to fully optimize any existing site for search engine crawlers and lead the way in establishing future campaigns and current strategies. Make yourself a seriously valuable asset by developing an expert level of understanding in influencing the crawling, indexing and ranking of web pages.

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Business Owners looking to grow

If your business just doesn’t seem to be breaking into the top spots for the most lucrative or the most popular keywords, this Blueprint could well be the solution you were looking for.

With all the practical skills and theoretical knowledge packed neatly into these chapters, you’ll be able to go out and make your website a real force and authority in its niche. You don’t need to go and splash tens of thousands of dollars on an SEO ‘expert’, all the skills you need to rank successfully are right here.

Bloggers who want to excel

These days, it isn’t enough just to write a great blog and cross your fingers, hoping that the readers will come streaming in. It’s a hotly competitive market, and to come out on top you need to be implementing industry-standard tactics that are used to get pages in front of the eyes of the millions of search engine users. This Blueprint is exactly what you need to outperform amateur bloggers and make yours the material with maximum exposure.

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Why This Blueprint Is For You

Get the traffic your site deserves

If you’re taking this course, it means you have the fundamentals of SEO locked down. Your content is great, your keyword strategy is tight, and your linking practices are top-notch. So why aren’t you getting the traffic you should be getting? Well, there are advanced practices, tactics and tips that we are going to provide you with to turn all this round.


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Up-to-date information and strategies

Data in SEO is so important because it shapes the way you carry out your campaigns. Tracking and analysing your data allows you to adapt to new changes in SEO and anticipate changes, allowing you to implement up-to-date and forward-thinking tactics.

Full support from our team

And because we’re always at work on our own campaigns, we have our own in-house team of highly-experienced and practicing SEO experts. You have the unfair advantage of collaborating with these members of our team, for any queries you have, difficulties you encounter, or extra tips you need to make your campaigns the best in your niche.

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Become a certified professional

  • Implement SEO tools for indexation
  • Ensure that web crawlers see the best, highest quality site possible.
  • Interpret trends in SEO data to alter your campaigns accordingly
  • Anticipate search trends to have the competitive edge in your niche.
  • Implement data analysis techniques that ensure you continue to scale and improve.

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