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How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for SEO

Master the art of SEO and launch your WordPress site to the top of the search engine rankings.

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  • Get your site in front of the eyes of thousands by appearing on the first page of Google.
  • Establish your site as an authority to drive more traffic to your site and increase conversions.
  • Learn to identify and utilise keywords effectively, to optimize your relevance for the most lucrative search queries.
  • Become an adept at implementing linking strategies and create an easily crawlable site, allowing you to rank above your competitors.
  • Acquire practical skills to leave you an expert on WordPress and competent in the complex practice of SEO.


Each with exercises, knowledge check questions and practical steps you can follow


Including step-by-step guides on using WordPress’s website building platform

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What you’ll know after this blueprint

  • Practical strategies that will turn your blank canvas of a site into a polished, working product.
  • A deep understanding of how to utilise WordPress effectively to build a slick, well-running site.
  • How to identify the optimum keywords for boosting your site to the top of the SERPs.
  • Industry tactics for building hub pages and making your site indexable, giving you the competitive edge.
  • How to optimize your entire WordPress site for search engine algorithms and be interpreted as quality online real estate.
  • The key steps involved in setting up your site and preparing it for optimization.
  • How to make use of meta pages, tying the content of your site together to provide a quality user experience.

Who is this blueprint for?

Bloggers who want to stand out

You will be taught how to turn an amateur blog into a professional, money-making website. By learning the industry approved, practical steps involved in increasing your exposure and reaching out to new readers and subscribers, you can make your writing a lucrative and flexible career.

optimize website for seo

Business Owners looking for the competitive edge

If you’re a new start-up just building your site for the first time, or an established company that wants to master the WordPress platform and boost your SEO rankings, a slick site is a must. Generate more sales than ever by widening your outreach and retaining customers with a quality user experience, whilst the advanced SEO strategies you develop allow you to easily outrank your competition.

Marketers ready to upskill

SEO is vital for your business’s success in making the online market a lucrative space. Optimize your site to attract a greater number of leads and drive more conversions through a strong SERP ranking. With the practical ability to manipulate the WordPress platform with complete comfort, you can hugely increase the potential of the brand you represent and make yourself an indispensable member of any marketing team.

optimize website for seo

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Why this blueprint is for you

Actionable ‘how-to’ lessons that you can apply to your site today

The lessons in this course are immediately actionable and can help you start seeing results right away. Your site will run smoothly and look clean and crisp. The user experience will become top-quality, and you will see your search engine rankings begin to rise, which means more exposure, more traffic, and ultimately more sales.

Cutting-edge strategies and methods

We are updating our own site every single day. These aren’t dried-out, dusty lessons that regurgitate old information. These are techniques our own marketers employ; they’re industry leading and fresh. By employing the lessons that we outline in this Blueprint, you will position your site as a leader in its niche.

Build your site from the ground up

We’ll start off with a blank WordPress template, and then teach you exactly how to build your site step-by-step our own process.

You’ll learn the practical skills you need to set-up your site so that you start from a fully honed template. Then, we’ll teach you how to reach the upper echelons of the internet with expert SEO strategy.

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