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Drive sales and conversions, increase engagement and promote your brand.

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Why Take Our Blueprint?

  • Use advanced targeting to get your ad in front of 40 million decision makers.
  • Adopt the proven methods we’ve used to guarantee a 23.7% conversion rate year on year.
  • Use Sponsored Content to massively boost your brand awareness and attract more followers to your company.
  • Generate 10s of thousands of low-cost impressions with insider techniques that deliver week on week.
  • Create killer headlines, descriptions and images to drive valuable website traffic to your company page or website.
  • Track campaigns and optimise for cheap conversions – see more results for the same budget.


Engaging presentations, knowledge-check questions, practical steps and useful exercises to help you progress fast.

We’ve educated people at…

Get more leads and sales with LinkedIn

  • Target specific segments by job title, seniority, company name, industry and more to ensure you’re getting right quality of lead for cheapest clicks.
  • Accelerate your conversions using LinkedIn Display ads for 3X the ROI.
  • Discover new strategies that take you from beginner to advanced, letting you master LinkedIn’s campaign management platform.
  • Capitalize on LinkedIn’s Matched Audience feature to retarget accounts, websites and existing contacts to experience a 32% boost in post-click conversion rates.
  • Benefit from the flexibility of LinkedIn video ads and instream plays – ensuring your ads get seen and you receive a stream of 1000s of quality leads.

Who is This Blueprint For

Marketers with a focus on sales

We will show you how to make the most of LinkedIn’s advertising solutions to create, build and optimize complex campaigns from scratch, that virtually run themselves.

We’ve included the exact strategies we’ve been using to deliver a fantastic average of 23.7% on LinkedIn so that you can start profiting from LinkedIn straight away.

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Business owners with a proposal that needs to be heard

Leverage the power of LinkedIn to get your message in front of the decision makers who will be best placed to hear your pitch and ultimately buy from you.

Use dynamic ads to get more views, responses and generate customized call-to-actions that will push your proposal to 1000s of potential prospects.

Individuals wanting results from LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads offer the perfect opportunity to get your offering in front of key decision makers.

We will work with you to master LinkedIn Ads, and ensure you are properly structuring your campaigns and optimizing your budgets.

We’ve put every trick we’ve learnt from spending $4.1 million dollars on LinkedIn over the last decade into this course – so you can see why this is our most popular LinkedIn blueprint!

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Some Of Our Student Testimonials

Find quality leads and make sales

Use Sidebar Ads to draw attention immediately

Profit from this underused Ad type that lets you put in both an image and value proposition.

Push out great content and get immediate traction and get sales in early by propelling your product launches into the market and pulling in 1000s more website views and conversions.

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online shopping

Accelerate your purchase cycle

Use LinkedIn’s unique targeting to reach out to CEOs, Execs and other decision makers who will cut down your purchase times by half.

Ensure your ad is perfectly located to get it in front of prospects who can make purchase decisions today.

Get personal with dynamic ads

Use LinkedIn’s new dynamic ads to scale highly-personalized ads, gaining up to 7X the clicks you would from generic ads.

Set up complex dynamic ads to cover a whole range of products or services, and ensure you’re minimising investment by targeting the right people who will click and turn into quality leads.

Leverage LinkedIn’s translation system to expand your business into multiple regions and global locations simultaneously, then optimize for the highest value traffic and leads.

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What We Offer

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Where can I take the course?
How long will it take me to complete the Course?
What will I get from it?
When can I start to use what I’ve learnt?

Where can I take the course?

The long and short of it is anytime, anywhere.

We’ve designed the Google Ads Mastery Course to be comprehensive and concise and, because it’s delivered through video format, you can take it wherever you want, anytime you want: at home, at work, or even on your commute.

It’s mobile and desktop-friendly; you could even cast it onto your main TV.

We wanted to deliver it in a way that works best for you. We’d normally advise that you take it somewhere where you can really concentrate on the information that we’re giving you; this is industry-leading educational stuff, after all.

How long will it take me to complete the Course?

There are 12 hours of video, divided up into 19 chapters.

We’d recommend that you take the Course one chapter at a time, to make sure that everything really sinks in. If you decide to do an hour a day, you’ll find that that takes you up to over two weeks, which we think is a good amount of time to digest the knowledge – ready to put it into action.

On the other hand, if you want to ramp it up a notch, be our guest!

There’s no reason why you can’t take the entire Course in a single weekend, if that works best for you! All our content is designed to be versatile, so you can learn at your own pace.

What will I get from it?

This depends on who you are, and what you want to achieve.

If you’re a marketer working for an agency right now, and you’ve already got marketing experience, you’ll stand to learn how to harness more leads, conversions, and sales, by making your advertising even more effective.

If you’re a business, the Google Search Network Ads Mastery Course is a great way to learn how to increase your demand-based traffic yourself, whether you’re a start-up seeking exponential growth or you’re an industry leader looking to achieve greater levels of success.

Alternatively, you can use it as a training resource for your employees, to help them hone their marketing skills and stay up-to-date with industry best practices.

If you’re an Ecommerce professional, and you want fresh ideas and industry tactics, this is an incredible resource for getting your products in front of the people who are most likely to buy from you.

Finally, if you just want to make money on the Google Search Network, there’s no reason why you can’t grow a brand and make a profit through Google PPC advertising. Anyone – at any level of experience – can harness this platform and leverage it to help them achieve their business or personal goals.

You’re going to learn how to properly build a Google Search Network sales funnel, from top, to middle, to bottom, and you’ll learn how to plan for the future, too.

When can I start to use what I’ve learnt?

Pure and simple: straight away.

The Google Search Network Ads Mastery Course is designed to provide educational content that is immediately valuable, by giving you practical, step-by-step guides to implementing effective, industry-leading Google Search Network marketing tactics.

At the same time, we support all of that with all the theory you could ever need.

Some of the tactics that we’ll give you take time to implement, so you can concentrate on other areas of your campaigns while they take shape. These aren’t just quick-fix solutions: we’re giving you insider knowledge.

We’ve combined knowledge and practice together, so that you can learn as you develop your campaigns; there’s no need to wait until the end of the course before you launch your campaigns.

You can launch highly informed, laser-focused campaigns right from the off.