New SEO Techniques to Get Ahead in 2019

The world of SEO is always changing, and your competitors will always be looking to adapt to get ahead. This Blueprint is the work of our ground-breaking marketing team, sharing our best hacks and tips for 2019, to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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Why Take Our Blueprint?

  • Discover how to take advantage of the most authoritative domains to get your products on the first page of any ecommerce search, driving 1000s of sales.
  • Increase your CTR by 53%, stealing highly converting traffic from your competition.
  • Develop the skills involved in creating logos and thumbnails that inspire conversions and repeat custom.
  • Manipulate other major platforms to drive a 6x increase in traffic to your site.
  • Become the absolute authority in your niche by obtaining ‘position zero’ status.


Each with knowledge-check questions and practical steps that you can follow.


Including step-by-step guides on getting links from Wikipedia and increasing your CTR.

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What You’ll Know After This Blueprint

  • Cleverly position your products on authoritative domains to drive your own authority, inspiring trust and driving highly-converting traffic to your site.
  • Increase your CTR by an unprecedented 53% by implementing smart SERP strategies.
  • Make users choose your brand over and over again, by being smart with how you appear on different search engine platforms.
  • Increase your conversion rate by 33% by ensuring a top-quality user experience.
  • Use Facebook engagement to launch your site to the top of the search engine rankings.
  • Get links from the most authoritative piece of online real estate on the internet, hugely boosting your chances for success.
  • Appear in the most optimum places on the internet and drive unprecedented amounts of traffic to your pages.

Who is this blueprint for?

Marketers aiming for excellence

The world of SEO is only getting more competitive, as more and more marketers recognise the enormous potential this space has. It’s your job to stay at the forefront of SEO and always one step ahead of the competition. In this Blueprint, you’ll learn everything you need to succeed in 2019, with the smartest tips and tricks to attract lucrative traffic and take advantage of all the most recent updates and trends in the world of SEO.

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Business Owners looking to scale

Perhaps you think you’ve hit a point where you just can’t grow any more in the SEO space. Perhaps you think there are competitors out there you’ll just never be able to outrank. Then you’re exactly the person this Blueprint was devised for. You’ll be able to jump on the success of others and have them propel you to the top of the search engine rankings, allowing you to grow to unbelievable new heights in SEO.

Individuals who want to stand out

This Blueprint represents your opportunity to really get ahead of your peers. You’ll have the most ground-breaking knowledge at your fingertips, the most intelligent hacks at your disposal, and the ability to take any business to the next level in their SEO strategy. Get the skills developed by the work of experienced marketers and professionals, boosting your career potential as you take this shortcut to SEO expertise.


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Why This Blueprint Is For You

Make your site is the top authority in its niche

To become a genuine authority and launch your SEO strategy to new heights, you need to know all the latest tips and tricks in the world of SEO. It is a space that is constantly changing, so to really optimize, you need to keep up and be a forward thinker. This Blueprint will provide you with the skills and nous to do this, ensuring you are an industry leader who can attract the highest proportion of paying customers.

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Intelligent practices and shrewd hacks

To really excel at SEO, sometimes you have to think a little outside the box. Sometimes you have to deeply consider how search engines work and how you can really optimize for them in every way possible. That’s what we’ve done here. Using Facebook, Quora, Wikipedia and other platforms can really boost your business potential in SEO, and we’re going to show you exactly how you can manipulate these platforms to this end.

Full support from our team

And because we’re always at work on our own campaigns, we have our own in-house team of highly-experienced and practicing SEO experts. You have the unfair advantage of collaborating with these members of our team, for any queries you have, difficulties you encounter, or extra tips you need to make your campaigns the best in your niche.

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