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The Secret to Writing Ad Copy That Sells on Social Media

The copy in your ads is an imperative part of inspiring your audience to action. Discover how to craft perfect ad copy that unprecedentedly boosts conversions.

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Why take our blueprint?

  • Add to your skillset and become a prolific social media salesperson.
  • Uncover the verified, step-by-step process that impressively increases CTR and sales figures.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding on how to sell effectively on all social media channels, from Facebook to YouTube and more.
  • Grasp the knowledge and gain the skills required to write laser-targeted ads for your customer personas.
  • 6 chapters and 14 practical how-to video lessons.
  • Upscale your ROI in all of your social media marketing campaigns.


Each with exercises, knowledge check questions and practical steps you can follow


Including step-by-step guides on all major social media platforms.

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What you’ll know after this blueprint

  • The technical strategies involved in writing copy that instantly establishes a recognizable brand on Instagram.
  • Why establishing a clear audience persona is invaluable to achieving a high CTR with your ads.
  • How to write ad copy with your audience in mind, and really connect with their pain points to encourage action.
  • How to write ad copy with your audience in mind.
  • Why split-testing your ad copy is vital to a successful social media marketing campaign and how you can leverage it.
  • How your ad copy will turn even the most casual user into a loyal brand advocate.

Who is this blueprint for?

Marketers wanting to upskill

If you need to improve your CTR and ROI, and if your ads just aren’t quite delivering the conversion rate you need, then this course will spell out exactly how to turn this around. Our tried-and-tested methods can help you achieve goals that you never thought possible and compel audience members to click.

ad copy examples for social media
social media ad copy example

Copywriters who aim to inspire

This is the definitive course for anyone looking to make their copy sell. Getting casual users to turn into loyal customers in just a few lines can be challenging. We have cracked the formula and are ready to teach it to you.

If you want to make yourself the ultimate copywriter, you’re in the right place.

Business Owners ready to expand

Using a platform with the unprecedented reach that social media has is an opportunity that a business can’t ignore if you’re looking to turn a profit. Learn how through the art of effective copywriting, you can utilize a multitude of selling platforms and massively increase your ROI.

If you haven’t expanded into the social media sphere, or you aren’t getting the returns you expected from these platforms, this is the blueprint for you.

ad copy for facebook example

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Why this blueprint is for you

The Power of Social Selling

Discover the vast and incredibly accurate power of social media marketing. Social media is essentially made to be a selling platform with unbelievable outreach, and in a world where everyone is selling, buying and marketing through social media, you need to stand out amongst fierce competition.

We have the methods to show you how your brand will rise above your competitors.

great ad copy examples
how to write good ad copy

How to Find Your Audience

Your customers are on social media. That we can guarantee. We are going to show you how to locate them, and then market to them in the most targeted way possible, with killer ad copy that ticks all the boxes.

The result? Focused campaigns that hit the people who want to buy your product and streamlined, efficient campaigns.

How to Write Ad Copy That Sells

Trust us, there are specific formulas that work best when it comes to your ad copy. In this Blueprint we are going to outline the ways to guarantee clicks on your ad, and ultimately, earn you more sales.

how to tailor ad copy to audience

How to Get Results

The methods in this Blueprint work. We will provide you with real-life example where the knowledge we can give you today has helped some big names (and we mean some seriously big names), get to the top.

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