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The Secret to Building Superior Product Pages

Your product page can make or break a sale. Create effective Product Pages that will show off your product, drive sales and boost revenue.

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Why take our course?

  • Learn how to fully optimize your product pages to exponentially increase conversions and sales.
  • Inspire complete trust in your brand with product pages that are visually appealing and informative.
  • Learn tried and tested methods from industry experts with a proven history of delivering financially-lucrative campaigns.
  • Understand how to build and structure your pages, based on techniques honed by our team of practicing marketers.
  • 6 engaging chapters and over an hour of informative video content.


each with exercises, knowledge check questions and practical steps


with step-by-step guides on how to build the perfect product page.

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What you’ll know after this blueprint

  • An in-depth understanding of the layout that compels customers to purchase.
  • The vital importance of utilizing product pages to kickstart customer interaction and increase brand loyalty.
  • How to hook users on your site and keep them browsing your products, moving the customer down the sales funnel.
  • Why leveraging product pages to create brand identity is so effective.
  • How testing your pages ensures the very best results, so that your site stands out from your competitors.
  • The importance of grasping the objective of your product page, and how it dictates how you build, lay-out and design your page to the most optimum level.

Who is this blueprint for?

Web Designers who want to influence sales

At the end of this blueprint, you’ll have a deep understanding on how to craft a page that will turn a browsing user into a guaranteed customer. As a designer you will have the power to increase conversion rates and profits by encouraging that all-important click.

Make yourself an indispensable asset to any employer by not just grasping how to construct a page, but also how to inspire sales and drive engagement.

Marketers aiming to earn brand loyalty

Think the product page is the final step on your marketing journey, and that once the customer reaches it your job is done? Think again. You could gain a clear understanding of how to use your product pages not only to push the sale, but also engage with your customer base and establish long, loyal relationships with your buyers.

True marketers know their job continues throughout all points of the customer journey, discover how to optimize the final step along it.

Brand specialists with the drive to inspire an audience

Your product page is one of the most vital steps a customer takes throughout their interaction with your brand. Optimizing this space will encourage them to associate positive connotations between their buying experience and your brand. The outcome?
Returning customers, brand loyalty, and a strong reputation.

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Why this blueprint is for you

Exactly what an effective product page can do for your business

We know that a product page isn’t simply somewhere to show your product off. We’ll show you how it’s also a valuable opportunity to engage with potential customers and improve the reputation of your brand. This will make you an authority in your niche and give you the competitive edge over your competitors.

Expert tips for building your product page

This blueprint is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to each element of building a superior product page. We’ll teach you how to show off your products in the best light, how to produce brilliant copy and get to grips with various customizing techniques that will massively increase conversions.

How to build trust between your brand and potential customers

This blueprint will show you how to leverage social proof to build concrete trust with your customers. Take advantage of professional advice on the various methods of winning your page that all-important seal of approval and in doing so that principle goal, the returning customer.

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