Understanding voice search for SEO in 2019

Voice search for SEO is the new kid on the block, and is your opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Capitalize on the voice search craze to get huge SEO benefits and drive a healthy sales pipeline.

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Why Take Our Blueprint?

  • Use the exact techniques we’ve used to increase sales by 13% over the last year using voice search recognition on our website.
  • Double your campaign traffic using Siri, Alexa, Cortana and OK Google to get your product ahead.
  • Get huge engagement with the 19-29 demographic who make up 71% of voice searches.
  • Add speech analysis, morphological rules, syntax and semantics analysis to gain 1000s more website visits and drive your conversion rate through the roof.
  • Profit from Google’s investment into AI technology to retain a consistently high position on the search engine results pages.
  • Get your product or service in front of the 52% of people using voice search to find information about deals, sales and promotions.


12 informative lessons, engaging presentations, knowledge-check questions, practical steps and useful exercises to help you implement voice search technology for fast gains today.

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Future-proof your business for scalability

  • Stay ahead of the curve with keyword SEO for voice search to triple site traffic.
  • Implement structured data markup for your voice optimized pages to tap into the predicted $40 billion of predicted sales in 2022.
  • Get 3X the ROI with mobile voice searches versus text searches.
  • Trigger Google’s featured snippets to get your content in front of the millions of people using voice search every day.
  • Stand out from local business and capture the 39% of voice search users focusing on map services to locate new products and business services.

Who Is This Blueprint For?

Digital Marketers optimizing on-page conversions

Marketers focused on CRO can capitalize on the voice search revolution by positioning their brands ahead of their competition.

Use the techniques that gave Adversent a 13% conversion boost in 2018 using voice search alone.

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Local Businesses needing a competitive edge

Drive real footfall for a 300% increase in website traffic for mobile users searching for you.

Jump ahead of your competitors as Google rewards your adoption of their voice search algorithm.

Competitive businesses with fixed KPIs

With three quarters of businesses looking to invest in customer-facing voice systems this year, it’s essential to remain competitive and get a slice of this enormous and growing market.

Stay on good terms with Google’s algorithm to maintain and improve your SEO ranking as voice search becomes increasingly important to SERP rankings.

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Some Of Our Student Testimonials

How Voice Technology will reshape your business

Ramp up your product launches

Gain from the millions of dollars the big search engines are investing into voice search technology, improve your search discoverability and experience 1000s more incoming website visitors.

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Create ultra-personal customer experiences

Gain consumer trust with a sense of intimacy, personalisation and frictionless access to your products and services to develop better business relationships with 1000s of new customers.

Millennials – the fastest growing consumer market

With 35.8% of millennials using voice-enabled digital assistants at least once per month, they already represent 3X the market that baby boomers do.

Transform this into a fantastic sales opportunity and ensure growth and loyalty from the fastest growing consumer group.

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