Using Recommendation Marketing to Generate Online Sales

Improve your Ecommerce performance, gain referral traffic and boost your website reputation and ranking.

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Why Take Our Blueprint?

  • Use recommendation marketing to increase your overall conversion rate by 34%.
  • Leverage the power of major retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart to position your products in front of millions of prospective buyers.
  • Use the techniques perfected by SEO marketing experts to generate thousands of product reviews, earning you trust and encouraging purchases.
  • Drive unprecedented website engagement and millions of additional visits.
  • Leverage browser caching to create seamless user experiences that increase your unique visits giving you the perfect opportunity to retarget and boost your sales campaign results.
  • Use our growth-hacking formula to drive down your cost-per-result up to 23%.


10 informative lessons, engaging presentations, knowledge-check questions, practical steps and useful exercises to help you progress fast.

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Engage with millions more customer with this untapped resource

  • Implement a powerful recommendation strategy that will launch your website up page 1 of the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Create a self-improving system that offers customers personalised recommendations, helping push those on the fence to make purchases.
  • Understand the same formula Netflix has used to turn recommendation marketing SEO into a 32.3% year-on-year growth and use it to boost your own business growth.
  • Adopt the best practices that have transformed Alibaba into a multi-billion dollar behemoth with product recommendations based on transactions, browsing history and location.

Who Is This Blueprint For?

Digital Marketers trying to improve retention

We’ve taken the best practices from YouTube and Spotify to improve your content engagement based on targeting individual tastes. This ensure customer keep coming back to your website.
You can then implement choice ads to encourage 1000s of new purchases and grow your site’s lead generation capacity.

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Business wanting their websites to drive growth

Implement our formula to increasing site speed to ensure that wherever a prospect is, in any region, they can easily contact you and buy from you.
Achieve near instant page load times to reassure customers that you’re a premium service to be bought from and profit from 53% fewer abandoned carts and contact forms.

SEO specialists looking for a competitive edge

Recommendation marketing is in incredible demand, and this is only set to increase.
SEO specialists able to take best practices from the world’s biggest brands are guaranteed to progress faster and distinguish themselves to potential customers and internal stakeholders holding the power to give out promotions and increase budgets.

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Some Of Our Student Testimonials

How Recommendation Marketing is Changing Ecommerce

Stay up-to-date with customer expectations to get noticed

People are increasingly expecting a level of service comparable to that of Netflix, Spotify and Amazon.
Get ahead of the game by implementing this pioneering SEO technique to see first hand increased in engagement and a 34% increase in eCommerce sales.


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Reinforce your retargeting campaigns

Get your content in front of customers who are waiting to purchase from you and support your retargeting strategy to support a 70% higher conversion rate.

Drive huge brand awareness

Use recommendation marketing for a 42% boost in brand awareness, based on a recent survey by invespcro, to support you in launching new and existing products and services.

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Use recommendation marketing to generate online sales chapters

  • What are recommendation algorithms
  • What sites use recommendation algorithms
  • How do recommendation engines work?
  • Key metrics for recommendation algorithms
  • An example of recommendation algorithms in practice
  • How to gain reviews
  • How to drive engagement
  • How to influence the signals of recommendation marketing
  • When you can start seeing results
  • How to win at recommendation marketing

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