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4 Ways to Grow Your Company LinkedIn Page12 min read


There are many clear benefits to a large LinkedIn following. For a start, it’s much easier to smash marketing objectives when each piece of content you publish reaches a large, relevant audience. In this week’s blog we’ll discuss the 4 ways to grow your company LinkedIn page!

Of course, with more connections in your network, more users will be notified when you publish content. The result? More engagement with your posts!

It doesn’t stop there. The more connections you have, the better your chances are of appearing in someone’s search results.

This is really important, as LinkedIn is not just about who you know – it’s also about who your connections know.

When you appear in search results, the likelihood is that people will check out your profile. As more people check out your profile, you’ll enjoy more endorsements (which basically means your skills are publicly validated) – which is brilliant for the overall credibility of your page.

Did you know that LinkedIn is the top-rated social network for lead generation?

The channel – designed specifically for the business community – has been steadily growing its userbase to more than 500 million users.

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Alongside letting members create profiles in order to form professional relationships and grow their network, LinkedIn also allows you to tap into existing connections and grow your brand or business through word-of-mouth marketing.

LinkedIn believe that communities are core to the success of every business. The network promotes the idea that employees, partners, customers and job candidates comprise a community which can help to drive the growth of a company through meaningful conversations.

This is where LinkedIn company pages come into the picture.

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Anyone with a company name and email address can create a LinkedIn company page. It is a page from which you can promote your business, recruit new talent and share updates.

Whilst a personal LinkedIn profile helps you to introduce your individual skills and experience, a LinkedIn company page helps you to build your business or brand on the network. 

Basically, company pages help LinkedIn users to learn more about your brand, your business and any opportunities within your company.

A company page on LinkedIn is a powerful business asset – it can help you to grow your audience and drive business results simultaneously.

LinkedIn company pages have recently been redesigned to make it easier than ever for businesses to open constructive conversations with LinkedIn’s enormous community of members.

Company pages have been designed to help organizations connect with members in an authentic way, grow their business and build lasting relationships.

Generally speaking, your company page is usually one of the first places LinkedIn members will visit to learn about your company. It’s the ideal place from which to:

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LinkedIn company pages tend to rank pretty highly in search results. A company page also cements your public image as a reputable and trustworthy organisation. What’s more – it provides your business with the opportunity to tell your company story.

In fact, it’s been found that detailed company pages receive around than those with incomplete pages. I’ll quickly walk you through the steps to set your twice as many visitors company page up now.

Create Your Page

This journey begins under the Work dropdown. Here, you’ll hit the [Create a Company Page] button, after which you’ll be prompted to enter some basic info. This will include your company name and the URL that people will use to find your business.

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Note: the URL can’t be changed later down the line, so pick carefully.

LinkedIn automatically creates the basic outline of your company page. You simply need to fill in the details.


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Capture the personality and feel of your business with a little personalization. You can choose a cover image (1536 x 768 pixels) and logo (300 x 300 pixels) at this stage.

As LinkedIn is a professional network, it makes sense to set your company logo as your profile picture. This logo will also appear on your employees’ LinkedIn profiles.

This step may seem insignificant, but don’t skip it.

LinkedIn data has shown that companies with logos get up to six times more traffic to their company pages than those that don’t!

Add Company Details

Provide your company details, including industry, company type, company size and the year the company was founded. At this stage, you’ll also need to provide a location for your business.

Write Company Description

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Describe what your company does in up to 2000 words. Use this space to tell people why they should follow you in clear and concise terms. Avoid industry jargon and stay relevant here in order to place high on search results.

Note: the first 156 characters are particularly important, as this is what will appear in the Google preview of your company page.

Beneath your company description, you can add up to 20 company specialities, which act as keywords to help people find your business. Be sure to represent all elements of your business here, from the products you offer to the services you provide and your unique selling points.

Publish Your Page

To set your page live, you need to click [Publish]. Before doing so, I’d suggest that you use the ‘member view’ function to check out what your company page looks like in comparison to others. You can make any necessary edits by clicking on [Manage Page].

Add Page Administrators

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This is a super useful function. You can add other users to act as administrators on your page by clicking the Admin Tools dropdown in the right corner when you are viewing as admin. From here, you should click [Page Admins] to add your team members by name.

Note: you must already be connected with users on LinkedIn to add them as page administrators.

Now you’re all set up, we can get to the good stuff! Here are 4 great ways to grow your company LinkedIn page:

4 ways to grow your company linkedin page

1. Encourage your employees or colleagues to connect with your company page

Tap into the resources at your disposal. Your colleagues and employees are an ideal starting point for growing your audience – particularly as employees are your biggest advocates.

According to LinkedIn, companies with a strong employee advocacy program (where your employees share business updates on their personal accounts and engage with the company page) are a whopping 58% more likely to attract top talent.

This makes sense: a potential prospect is likely to search for your organization on LinkedIn (or Google – in which case LinkedIn will show up in the search results).

When your employees or co-workers have an active presence on LinkedIn, these prospects can gain valuable insight into who they would be working with.

This kind of insight is completely different to that gained through meetings or interviews. LinkedIn profiles show the experience and skillset of each employee from their own perspective, which gives prospects a well-rounded view of a team.

You should encourage your colleagues and employees to add their position at your company to their LinkedIn profiles. Your company page will then be linked from their profiles, and their profiles will appear on your company page.

Through leveraging your employees as brand ambassadors, you can quickly increase your reach with the audience that you’re trying to engage.

Remind your team that when they share relevant content, they can boost brand awareness for the company whilst also building their personal brands.

What’s more, you can grow your company page further by encouraging your employees to connect with each other.

In expanding their networks, your employees will be exposed to more content – which means that they will have more to share with their extended networks in turn. This increases the reach of your business whilst also organically growing your community. What’s not to like?

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2. Create shareable (and valuable) content

According to LinkedIn, companies that post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content.

In fact, the platform recommends daily posting to build trust and establish a real connection with your audience.

In terms of content type, LinkedIn suggests that businesses share:

  • eBooks
  • SlideShares
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Third party industry articles
  • Helpful how-to content
  • Serial, themed posts

Publishing great content on a regular basis will both boost your visibility on LinkedIn and increase engagement.

Naturally, with more people visiting your page after checking out your valuable content, you will also increase your follow count!

Remember, you only have a few seconds to entice followers to click an update. Tell your audience exactly what’s in it for them (in as few characters as possible – I’m talking 150 or less).

You could also try asking a thought-provoking question or point out a particularly interesting feature of the content you’re linking to.

Another top tip?

Make your content personal and call out your audience directly. Grab the attention of your followers by aligning your content to meet their needs and interests.

Offer solutions to problems you know are being experienced in the industry, confront your followers with questions you know they’ll be intrigued by.

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Through sharing content that your viewers want to see, you will significantly improve your chances of having your content shared.

As with any content marketing efforts, you should aim to publish relevant and authentic posts on your LinkedIn to encourage shares, likes and comments.

Keeping your audience interested with regular, engaging content will ensure that they come back to your page to look for updates.

Your company page tends to work best when it offers a dynamic and visually compelling selection of valuable content.

For this reason, you should always carefully curate your content with your audience in mind. Every single post on your company page should be valuable and shareable if you want to grow your following.


3.Improve the visibility of your page

LinkedIn is basically a business-oriented search engine. It works pretty much the same way as Google or Yahoo.

For this reason, you’ll need to include relevant keywords in your description and posts so that you’re easy to find. Really, you should use these keywords when you fill out all the fields on your profile.

The more information you enter, the more searches you will be relevant for – according to LinkedIn.

Another great way to boost your visibility is to connect with everyone you know. LinkedIn takes your network into consideration, so the more connections you have – the more searches you will appear in. Cast your social net wide!

audience targeting concept

You should also name images before you upload them. This includes your logo and your banner (if you have one). Use your keywords here, so that when people search for those terms, your photo will show up.

So, for instance, you could label your logo: [Company Name], Social Media Marketing Expert, Facebook Qualified, SEO Specialist.

Take advantage of your headline. You can naturally include keywords and phrases about your expertise here.

The same applies for your summary, which should be written with SEO in mind. Use this space to highlight your value to the reader whilst also boosting your search engine rankings with clever keyword use.

Finally, it’s worth promoting your company page outside the company. Link to your page in all your marketing communications, such as your blogs, emails or newsletters.

Add your LinkedIn company page URL everywhere you can – I’m talking business cards, website, email signature and your other social channels.

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4. Engage in Relevant Groups

Take the time to follow other influencers and businesses in your industry. Engage with their content and you can effectively use their reach to grow your own following.

If you regularly participate in industry-related groups by sharing your thoughts, people will get to know and trust you. In turn, people will check out your page (and help to grow your following!)

To find LinkedIn groups, head to the search bar at the top of your homepage. Type in an industry topic or name and select [Groups] from the dropdown menu.

linkedin job search

LinkedIn will then show you the relevant groups, usually sorted by the number of members in each.  You can filter your results and select the groups you wish to join.

Note that if a group is ‘closed’, you will have to click [Join] and wait for your request to be accepted by the page administrator.

Once you’ve been accepted, it’s time to get talking! Take advantage of discussions to build your authority and expertise within the group.

Really, the more discussions you participate in, the more likely it is you’ll be considered an authority figure and someone worth connecting with.

Groups on LinkedIn are usually moderated closely, so you need to watch that you stay relevant in your contributions. Don’t share links to your site or begin discussions to simply plug your company, as you could lose your access to the group.

Instead, take a look at the existing discussions to get an idea of popular topics. Start by liking a few posts to demonstrate your interest, respond to a handful of comments and follow some discussions to receive updates whenever more comments are added.

Once you’ve engaged with someone in a discussion, you should go ahead and reach out as a connection. You can also find members of the group by searching in the [Members] tab.

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Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Growing your LinkedIn company page relies largely on optimizing your page for search engines, promoting your page in the right places and producing engaging content that drives shares and increases visibility.  On LinkedIn you have a hugely interactive audience at your fingertips –  so follow the tips listed above and you can tap into this impressive network, to grow your Company LinkedIn Page in no time at all.